Registering Your Dog

With the new NSTRA rule implementation, effective June 1, 2022, “A dog must be registered with a recognized registry and registration sent to the NSTRA Office to enter any NSTRA trial”.   Be sure to get your dogs registered!

Be aware there can be significant delays in processing registrations.   Currently on the United Kennel Club (UKC) website:   Mailing notice for paperwork:  please allow 2-3 extra weeks, in addition to UKC processing time, due to nationwide postal service delays.

With the acquisition of American Field by United Kennel Club, the main UKC office in Kalamazoo, Michigan is now the official mail hub for mail.

The Kalamazoo mailing address:
100 E. Kilgore Rd.
Kalamazoo, MI 49002

When mailing items to the Kalamazoo office, note whether the contents are UKC or American Field/Field Dog Stud Book items, with an ATTN line.

You can find more information on UKC registrations on their website

Rule Change...Registrations

Eligibility Changes

From NSTRA President Bill Sumpter on Rule Change:

The vote on the Rule 8.04 change passed 318 yes to 43 no.

8.04 A dog must be registered with a recognized registry and registration sent to the NSTRA Office to enter any NSTRA trial. Rule 7.06 States Rule Changes will become effective immediately upon publication. However, our magazine publication and mailings have been in tremendous flux, we are not sure exactly when the magazine is going to be mailed. We also know that some members are receiving magazines as much as 3 weeks after others. Also, programming in the operating system needs to change such that all trial managers/chairs cannot simply create a new dog. As a result the effective date will be June 1, 2022.

Our office staff is committed to ensuring the processing of registrations within 24 hrs of receipt.

Ohio Region By-laws

For review...

Click here to review.   Send any comments to Region Secretary Jayne Abney (

On line Judging Tests

Simplifying the Recertification Process


The online judging test is now fully operational.  You will recieve an  e-mail, one-month prior to your judging credential's expiration.  It will have a link that takes you to the test.  If you don't receive an e-mail, you can contact the office for the link.  Note that there are some requirements to take the test:

  • You must have been an active judge at least 3 years prior to taking the test.

  • You must pass the test with a 90% score or better.

  • If you fail the test twice, you are required to take a seminar.

  • New judges must take a  seminar and ride braces to receive their credentials as always.

NSTRA Amateur Program

Supplemental Guidelines


NSTRA has made significant changes to the amateur program.  Read the complete report here.