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On line Judging Tests

The online judging test is now fully operational.  You will recieve an  e-mail, one-month prior to your judging credential's expiration.  It will have a link that takes you to the test.  If you don't receive an e-mail, you can contact the office for the link.  Note that there are some requirements to take the test:

  • You must have been an active judge at least 3 years prior to taking the test.

  • You must pass the test with a 90% score or better.

  • If you fail the test twice, you are required to take a seminar.

  • New judges must take a  seminar and ride braces to receive their credentials as always.

Simplifying the Recertification Process


NSTRA Amateur Program

NSTRA has made significant changes to the amateur program.  Read the complete report here.

Supplemental Guidelines