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Ohio region National Shoot to Retrieve



In May, the Ohio Region celebrated our 40th Region Elimination Trial at Silver Dollar Sportsman’s Club in Wooster Ohio. Saturday evening was the annual awards banquet which included a great meal from the team at Silver Dollar.  There were well over 100 people in attendance, a great opportunity for old friends to get together.  This was also an opportunity to hold a bucket raffle to help support the region.  Thanks to everyone that contributed items, over $1900 was raised!  President John Gillespie presented region awards.

Region High Point

It was a close battle for the Region High Point this year with the top four dogs only separated by a total of two points!  The 2021 Open High Point Champion was Shadow's Mountain Fergie.  Shadow's Mountain Fergie is a 2X Champion owned and handled by Donnie Stir.   Fergie finished the season with a total of 16 Open points.   Fergie was closely followed by Tom Rotundo’s Konig’s Brockway Sinsy with 15 Open points.

Ohio Region Hall of Fame

This year, the Ohio Region established the “Ohio Region NSTRA Hall of Fame” to pay tribute to dogs with exceptional lifetime performance. For 2021, Hall of Fame status was proudly awarded to:  9x NSTRA Champion Angie’s Dogwood Doc owned by Randy Cunningham, 6x NSTRA Champion Utts Ramblin Dolly owned by Rod Howard and 15x NSTRA Champion Last Dance Lily owned by Tom Rotundo.  President John Gillespie presented the awards.

Angie's Dogwood Doc

Doc was an English Setter owned and handled by Randy Cunningham.  Doc’s sire was Diamond's Tricky Dick, and his dam was Tricky Dick Beauty.  Doc was whelped on June 28, 2003.  His first open placement came on December 12, 2004 at Lake Wales, Florida.  Doc accumulated 171 points, 96 of which were first place points, to earn 9 NSTRA championships.  Some of Doc’s career highlights include, 4th 2007 Ohio Region Elimination, 3rd 2009 Dog of the Year, and winner 2013 Ohio Region Elimination.

Utts Ramblin Dolly

Dolly was a German Shorthair owned and handled by Rod Howard.  Dolly’s sire was Gamble's Rip 'N Logan and her dam was Daniel's Crying Babe.  Dolly was whelped on September 11, 2002.  Her first placement came on March 20, 2004 at Wooster, Ohio. This 6X NSTRA Champion went on to amass 64 first place points and total career points of 117.  Some of Dolly’s career highlights include 3rd place 2005 Grand National, winner 2011 Ohio Region Elimination, 3rd place 2014 Ohio Region Elimination, and 4th place 2011 Dog of the Year.  In 2015, at age 12 ½ Dolly placed 6th in the Ohio Region Elimination.

Last Dance Lily

Lily a German Shorthair, owned and handled by Tom Rotundo.  Lily’s sire was Harrison’s Sun Blue Tungsten, and her dam was Suiter’s Lady Bella.  Lily was whelped on May 28, 2008.  Her first open placement came on September 13, 2009 at Amo, Indiana. Lily accumulated 278 points, 140 of which were first place points, to earn 15 NSTRA championships.  Some of Lily’s career highlights include, 2010 2nd runner-up in the 2010 Purina Top Performance ranking, 1st runner-up 2011 Northern Illinois Region Elimination, 4th 2012 Northern Illinois Region Elimination, first runner-up 2014 Trial of Champions, 3rd 2016 Dog of the Year, 12th place in the 2012 Purina Top Performance rankings, 3rd 2018 Ohio Region Elimination and first runner-up 2019 Ohio Region Elimination.

Amateur High Point

The Ohio Region had an especially strong Amateur program this year with 37 dogs having placements.  The Ohio Regio Amateur High Point awards:

Motz's Mad Max - Dick Motz

I'll Be Seeing You – Dave Abney

Porco's Solid Rock  - Nick Porco

Crosswinds Bird Machine Remi - Jeff Porco

Itty Bitty Canyon – Dave Abney

Member Recognition